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  1. Just before the recent three days of hot weather the sheep were sheared.    The sheep need to be dry before they are sheared as the fleeces are wrapped and put in large 'sacks' called sheets.   Each sheet has a number printed on it and we have to label the sheets with our flock details and sheet number so when they are taken to be sold at British Wool at Bradford they can identify the flock owner and pay them according to weight, quality and breed.

    Shearing 2024

    The sheep are brought out of the pens up onto a trailer and then placed on a wooden platform and sheared.

    shearing 2024 2


    shearing 2024 4

    The wool is then wrapped and packed in to the sheets


    shearing 2024 3


    The sheep are then marked with our blue flock mark, unfortunately a couple started 'fighting' and rubbing themselves on to other sheep...a few looked liked Smurfs.   The lambs take a while to mother up again!

    shearing 2024 6

    shearing 2024 5


    In the recent cooler wetter weather the sheep have stood under the trees and look quite cold!