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'Dosing and Tailing Sheep'

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We brought some of the sheep and lambs into the pens this morning;  the lambs were dosed with medicine for worms and the sheep had the wool around their tails trimmed.  As the grass grows some get pooy bottoms so it keeps their udders clean and when the time comes to shear them in late June it is easier too.   A couple of sheep were lame too, so they had a mini-pedicure and their feet sprayed with an antibiotic spray.  

sheep and lambs in pens 005   One sheep particularly enjoys climbing up to reach and eat the Hawthorn hedge....prickly too!

sheep and lambs in pens 009  Some of the sheep awaiting their turn!

sheep and lambs in pens 012  Lamb looking out of a pen

sheep and lambs in pens 010  Chewing my dad's coat.


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