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In a blog I created last Summer I showed the Yorkshire Air Ambulance landing and taking off not far from our house.    This evening it has actually landed on our caravan site... on one of the pitches.  A man who is staying on our caravan site needed taking to a more specialist hospital.   The Yorkshire Air Ambulance came, it only took a few minutes for the pilot to decide where it was going to land,  the draught from it caused some peoples chairs and tables to fly across the site, but it was interesting seeing it land.  It was quite noisy too.  When it came in to land the sheep ran away quickly, but as it took off they didn't bother too much!    The air ambulance then took the man to Leeds General Infirmary hospital in around 20mins, if the road Ambulance had taken him it would have taken over an hour.   The pilot even took a picture of his helicopter on the caravan site to put on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance facebook page.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance relies on people raising lots of money to help operate it.




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