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Sheep Shearing

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Today Barry & Chris came to shear the sheep.  Once the sheep is sheared we put our blue flock mark on her and she returns to the field, some do big leaps and jumps as they skip away.  The lambs wonder who their mothers are, as they can smell and hear them but it takes them a while to recognise them!   

The shearers only take a few minutes to shear each one then the fleece is wrapped inside out and placed in a large sack known as a sheet, grandma stitched the sheets up, each one holds about 25-30 fleeces, depending on the size of the fleece.  We then take the sheets to the depot just up the road before they are taken to Bradford to be processed.    

sheep shearing june 2014 012  sheep shearing june 2014 014  sheep shearing june 2014 016  sheep shearing june 2014 017

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