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Tupping just about over

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There are now only two young sheep left to be tupped.   They are looking very colourful!   A couple of the sheep were lame, they have sore bits between their hooves, a bit like athletes foot so we spray them with Antibiotic spray when their feet are dry!   Sometimes we make them walk through a footbath to treat them all.

sheep red tup mark 2  Sheep Red Tup mark


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  1. Diana

    Hello Ella, You are doing a grand job with the blogs. Makes me wish I could be there to see it all happening. Auntie Sandy told me that you are hoping to begin lambing February (maybe she is hoping the first one will arrive on her birthday!) I too am hoping that I can make a visit to see the lambs when they are quite new. I was rather late last year. Still good though. The photos show up the tupping marks really well - good colours. What an exciting time for you all. Give my love to everyone and especially to the sheep. Bye for now,Love,Diana.x

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