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We have finished lambing now. Mum and me are feeding quite a few triplets outside on their mums. I have a pet again this year called Milly, she was the smallest of the quads that were born and she really loves the bottled milk I give her. We sold one of the quads to a neighbouring famer so the quads mum then had three lambs left on her, so I took Milly off her and now her mum has two large well fed lambs.

Milly is a very lively lamb who gets fed milk three times a day inside with the option of lamb pellets. I take her for a walk when it is nice weather, you will often see her following me around the site. When she is not sleeping she is in the yard chewing everything and following everyone until she gets attention! If you are staying on the site arrange a visit to feed her milk, she loves cuddles! 

Milly when we went for a walk Milly when we went for a walk around the fields this afternoon.

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