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Milly has a friend called Martha. Martha was a triplet who we tried mothering onto another sheep who only had a single lamb. After many weeks of trying we eventually gave up and put Milly and Martha together. 

The pets are seperated from the other sheep as Martha wont come to the bottle; she is very shy. The lambs go onto the lawn in the day to eat grass and we take them into a little pen in the shed at night. They have bottle morning and night and have lamb pellets as well as hay and water.  They will join the other sheep in around a week.

 All the other sheep are now in the fields enjoying the sun shine, the lambs happily bouncing around. My brother James has mucked out the shed and has spreaded the muck fresh onto the fields to make the grass grow. 

             milly and martha april 19th 007The girls playing outside.

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