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Halter Training!

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 Last week  we spained the lambs- (took them off their mothers) and today we got them in to spray them with fly repellent as the sheep were getting irritated by them in the warmer weather.

 Since Milly was around 2 months old I started halter training her now she is much better on the halter and will happily go out for walks around the caravan site and along the lanes. I have also fully trained Star to walk on the halter. She has funny moments where she thinks that she is still a lamb; jumping up in the air and kicking her back legs out! People often ask why I do it, well I do it as Star and Milly are pets and I love spending time with them.  Star and Milly love going for walks and meeting people...a hobby that I enjoy.  I have recently bought them new head collars; Star has a dark purple one with a purple and black lead rope, Milly has a baby pink head collar and a lilac lead rope. 


star in her halter       milly in her halter

 Star in her new halter                                              Milly in her new halter



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  1. Tulo Lankoski

    Where do you buy halter for sheep?

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  2. Sarah

    Hiya I've just got some Jacobs and want to halter train them! Where did you get your halters and what brand type etc. I only ask as I have no idea which to buy and proper sheep ones seem so costly compared to horsey ones!

    Posted on

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