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Yesterday we had the sheep scanned to see what lambs they are due to have in February/March.   This helps to see which sheep are empty (we sell these) and which are due triplets, twins and singles.   This helps with feeding the sheep before lambing and also when they are lambing, we can usually 'mother' a spare triplet onto a ewe that is just having a single lamb.  This is usually mothered on during the birth when the lambs are wet!    

The sheep have the camera scanner placed under their tummy and the 'scanner' can see and work out how many lambs they are carrying.  The normal time to do this is around 100 days before they are due.  

Millie is due to have two lambs (I would prefer her just to be having one as she is only a hogg and is quite small!)

Photos show the scanner, and a screen picture and Millie after having her scan done.

dscn3256  dscn3260   dscn3263    dscn3264

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