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The second batch of fat lambs went to the local auction this afternoon. The first batch of 25 went a couple of weeks ago and we got a fair price for them (more than last year), this weeks lambs probably won't make as much as the price is dropping as more farmer bring lambs to the auctions.   Also,  today the contractors who do the shearing came to shear the sheep.  The fleeces were then wrapped and stored in large sacks holding about 30 in each sack they will then be taken to a local haulier who transports them to the British Wool Marketing Board at Bradford.  We get paid for this years wool next year when it has been sold!

Before being sheared.....dscn5677     

Being sheared  dscn5687   dscn5685


Suffolk ram being sheared...dscn5690     

Lambs grazing in the field waiting for their mums to be sheared..


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