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Lambing time 2018

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Lambing time is begining to start slowly, last night at around 10pm we had one that lambed twins and then duirng the night we had another set of twins born. We scanned at 215% so are expecting a lot of triplets soon.  We have also some younger sheep in lamb this year that we purchased in autumn and also some of the homebred ones that I decided to keep from last year. 

Whilst I haven't been uploading any blogs I've been very busy with other aspects, looking for a veterinary nurse training position, sorting young farmers things- now I'm the newly appointed secretary, and exams. Young Farmers is doing well, last week we went ice skating and this week we are having an evening of indoor sports. Soon it is our annual 'Muck Chuck' where we have the man-power and tractors to deliver muckfor gardeners around our area in order to raise money to fund the running of the club, we cover areas such as Bentham, Settle and Wray. The weekend after that we have the District Hedging and Walling competition where other clubs compete against each other building dry stone walls, laying hedges and also competing in the indoor sections, this year I am decorating a cake with an Easter theme. 

 12.2.18 sheep    1st lamb of 2018    new lamb 12.02.18

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