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Lockdown mid May

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I haven't done a blog for a while - apologies.

The five pet lambs are now weaned, although Colin and Eadie still come to me each day for milk and a stroke.  They are eating plenty of grass, provin and have access to water.   We need some more rain though.  The fields were treated with liquid fertilizer in late March and muck spread too.

The sheep and lambs have been worm drenched, along with vitamins.  A couple of them have also shed their wool and look scruffy, perhaps due to the warmer weather.   The shearer shall be here late June to tidy them up!

We shall have some fat lambs to go late May, early June.  The local auction at Bentham is operating with a 'drop and go' facility for sellers.   Buyers are allocated spaces around the ring.   Usually for some rural farmers their weekly trip to the auction is a social occasion and they enjoy a good meal in the cafe there, however for some farmers they will hardly see anyone now.

The elephant tree over near Bentham was quite visible last night!  

Young Farmers Club is still on hold, a few weeks ago James & I hosted a live quiz on Facebook which was well attended.  It was quite nerve wracking not being able to see who we were posting the questions too!

In September I am due to go to University to train as a midwife, I was offered an unconditional place after interviews at Glasgow, York, Edge Hill and Carlisle.  I will be taking my lambing knowledge with me!  Lots to sort out before then and I have kept busy around the site, woodland helping out these last few months.


Colin and Eadie



Texel Charollais lambs Thornbrook Barn

Elephant Tree


Ears lined up Thornbrook Barn

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  1. Wendy Cubie

    Ella, I always love reading your blogs - keep them coming! Any tadpole tales? Thanks for sharing your photos, stay safe all of you and looking forward to when we can come back to Thornbrook xx

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