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Worm Drenching Sheep & Lambs

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This week mum and I have have worm drenched all the sheep and lambs, we did this early on a morning to avoid the heat of the sun.   They are ready for shearing however the contractors who do them got rained off from shearing them last weekend so hopefully they will return soon to do them.   The fleeces need to be dry before they can be sheared as they need wrapping and putting into the 'wool sheet' sacks.

I have made some more batches of the Elderflower cordial and picked the last of the Elderflowers this week, as they are finishing and I like to leave some for berries for the birds over winter.

We sold some more fat lambs again last week, they made the average price.   The worm drench we used had a 5 day cut off period  which is the duration that the lambs or sheep can be given the drench to being able to take them to auction for putting into slaughter for meat production.   Some worm drenches have upto  63 days right down to 3 days cut off time.   A cut off time applies too for vaccinations and injections of antibiotics.   We retain a record in a 'Mediine book' of the products given and the lot numbers etc.

Picture of the Dorset Poll Sheep who has a 'wall eye' and dosing some of the Suffolk hoggs.


DSCN0639  DSCN0641

DSCN0642  DSCN0633

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