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Last week we put the sheep and lambs through the foot bath as quite a few were lame following the wetter weather.   They soak for a couple of minutes then drain off on concrete and are then returned to a clean field.     The shearing contractors came last Sunday evening to shear the sheep (the lambs don't get sheared), it took them just over an hour to shear them all, grandma and I wrapped the fleeces and put them into the wool sheets, which are really just large sacks.  

The next day mum and I stitched the sheets up and labelled them.  Each sheet belongs to the British Wool company and has a code on it - we attach two labels which have to be cross referenced with the code on the sack,  along with our producer number, name and address and breed type.    A local haulier then takes them to Bradford to the wool depot where they are weighed and graded.  Unfortunately the wool is worth barely anything this year due to Covid-19 and many farms have resorted to burning it.

Yesterday morning whilst the sheep were dry mum and I put our blue flock mark on all the sheep and also treat them with a pour on treatment for head flies, lice and ticks.   Then in September they are usually 'showered' too.

On Wednesday we took some more lambs to the local auction to be sold for meat.  We won't know how much they have made until the sales receipt is received in the post early next week.  the auction was quite busy.

Shearing 2020

Lambs relaxing whilst their mothers are sheared.....

Lambs 2020


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