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Sheep Showering

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Earlier this week, when the weather was warm and dry the local contractor came and 'showered' the sheep with a treatment for lice, mites, ticks and scab.  At least they were able to dry off quickly in the warm sunshine!

Frank the tup was 'put' to the sheep this last weekend, he wears a harness with a tup crayon on then we know which he has mated with; so in turn we can work out when they will lamb.  We change the crayon colour every two weeks.   So the first sheep to lamb in February will be wool marked  green, if they don't get pregnant after being marked by him -  sometimes odd sheep ' break' where they are not pregnant and come into season again he will hopefully mate with them & colour them again in a different crayon!  Odd sheep may never get pregant and when we scan them in early January we will know, unfortunately they are regarded as empty and are then sold at the auction.

I have been busy sorting our university, packing and buying resources etc.  I leave on Saturday to study Midwifery, however I will be home a few weekends each month until I go on placement in January.   As the caravan site as been busy I have been helping out taking bookings, doing bookwork,  cleaning the pitch touch points etc.    Lots to do!

Showering Sheep 2020

Showered Sheep




Sheep showering 2020




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  1. David Martin

    Good luck with your studies Ella. It will be a doddle after lambing. Though ladies are usually noisier than ewes ;o)

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