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We finished lambing at the end of March plenty of healthy and happy lambs that are now out in the fields.   This year we have 5 pet lambs inside the farm building which are all being fed off a 'Shepherdess' feeder - a larger bucket filled with water and a heating element with a bucket of milk inside that has pipes to teats that the lambs feed on. The pet lambs will hopefully be going into the field this weekend depending on the weather. We are also feeding some lambs in the field with the the bottle due to their mothers having a lacking milk supply this could be due to udder issues such as the mother being 'one-sided', this is where one side of the sheeps udder doesn't produce milk therefore only has one side to feed two lambs. Sometimes this is possible others might need a little topping up. 

One of my Suffolk x bred sheep (Known by the name of Peggy by some!) is currently suffering with a condition called Mastitis. Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the udder often picked up when cracks form on teats that can cause the ewe to be very uncomfortable, have a swollen udder, redness and leasions on the udder. We have treated Peggy with injections from the vets of strong antibiotics and pain killers as well as keeping an eye on her eating to make sure shes getting everthing she needs, often with an extra helping handful of proven at breakfast time of course! Her lambs are eating supplementary lamb feed that contains essential nutrients and also eating grass which should ease the demand on Peggy giving her time to recover. 

Whilst i havent been writing blogs i have been busy with my midwifery studies, i am currently halfway through my second year and hopefully due to qualify next year! 

Ears lined up Thornbrook Barn   lambs starting to gather to play

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