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The sheep were sheared last weekend whilst there was a good day of fine weather.  They need to be dry before they are sheared.   The fleeces take around a minute or so to shear from the sheep then the it is then rolled with the outer wool of the fleece to the inside and placed in a British Wool sack that is coded and labelled with our flock and holding number.  A haulage company that lives a couple of miles away takes the sacks to near Bradford for grading and sorting... yarns for knitting, clothing, mattresses and carpets are produced from the products.

The sheep are then marked with our flock mark and returned to the fields.  The lambs take a while to recognise their mums again.   We have already sold quite a few lambs through the local auction.

Shearing 2022 2


Using electric shears to shear the sheep...lanolin clogs the cutters sometimes  

Shearing 2022 3

Shearing 2022 1

A finished fleece

Shearing 2022 4

'Finding mum again'


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