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Replacement Breeding Sheep

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We bought some replacement sheep at a sale at the local auction.  It was the first sale this season of breeding sheep at the auction with over 2600 being sold there.  They are sold in various 'lot sizes' and we bought three different lots.  They are texel shearlings (having been lambs 2 years ago and sheared once).  Quite a lot of work goes into preparing the sheep for sale at an auction by the selling farmer - they are usually either dipped in coloured dip or sprayed with it (some of our texels look quite golden when their natural colour is white)  and then they have their faces and legs washed white.  Their tails are usually trimmed around so their rear appears rounder and larger too! We also bought a replacment beltex-charollais ram....we've called him Nigel.  He's quite lively, but will hopefully calm down as we get him to come to provin. He will be put in the field to mate with the females in mid-September.

At the district YFC I came first in the Intermediate Sheep Fleece Wrapping and my brother James came first in the seniors for the same class.  

 2022 new sheep


Sheep New 22

Sheep new 22

New breeders 22

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