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My pedigree Suffolk shearling gave birth early February (we took her to the farm that she came from to be put to a Suffolk Ram in early September).  I've called them Nancy and Norman.   Norman was a bit slow to get breathing when he was born but is very bright and lively now and he took some getting used to feeding off his mum for the first few days of his life.

Hazel and lambs 2023


The main flock of sheep started lambing on the 17th February, although we anticipate there will be some sheep a bit late lambing as the first ram we had failed to mate with some of the sheep and we had to have a fertility test done on him at the vets,  he came back intertile and he unfortunately had to go for meat through the local auction.   We managed to buy a second tup and had him fertility tested before we put him in with the sheep.

IMG_0404 (1)    IMG_0472

There is a family of deer in the woodland, they have a young male fawn deer.



I am doing my 3rd year midwifery exams these next couple of weeks before going back on a block placement and currently applying for jobs for my preceptorship. 

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