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Joseph and The Amazing Techniwoolly Dreamcoat

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We have had a few losses of lambs for various reason these last couple of weeks.... it's unfortunately sad but a part of farming and we do our best for the lambs and mothers.

Firstly a lamb a couple of days old had to be put down at the vets.  He wasn't able to wee and wasn't plumbed correctly!  We thought that they would be able to do a simple procedure to open him up like what the vet does when they haven't an anus.  However they weren't able to so the vet had to put him to sleep.

A lamb was born dead during giving birth, it was during the night and he was stuck in the sheep and sadly died just before mum was able to deliver him.  His sibling is fine and we managed to wet mother a spare lamb on to her so she now has two fine lambs.

Then we had a sheep who had two lambs in one of the main pens in the farm building lose a lamb - we don't know why he died, he was around 12 days old and when we discovered him he had just died.  So Alan skinned the lamb and put his coat on Joseph a pet lamb - mum looked at her new smaller lamb a bit strange at first as Josephs' body smelled correct but his head was different and he had slightly darker markings on his face too!  However she loves him like he's her own.  So the Amazing Techniwoolly Dreamcoat worked wonders and was a good outcome in the end.  He'll wear the coat for around a week (it will start to smell off after that).

Picture of Joseph with his mum - Blue 7 

Joseph Lamb

 Joseph Lamb 2

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