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The poor sheep are confused with this weather......Tuesday saw them sunbathing in the morning then seeking shade under the trees in the afternoon.  Some looked like they needed shearing (wool cut off them) and now today it is cold and very wet and they are stood like woolly statues in the fields with their ears down and water running from the end of their noses. 

The pigs too were getting pink ears and a suntan on Tuesday (sometimes we apply sun cream to their ears so that they don't burn) and now today they are sheltering in the 'pig palace'.  They hate being out in the rain.

At least the trees and hedges are looking greener, most of the trees are nearly in full leaf but with a few ash trees just showing buds.  Not sure about the oak trees.  There is a saying  " Oak before the ash and we are in for a splash,  Ash before the oak and we are in for a soak"   

The swallows returned to us a couple of weeks ago, quite a bit later than last year.


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  1. Eve Brocksom

    Hi Ella I came to your farm 2 years ago and we are hoping to come back soon !!Love your blog !!:-) from eve age 11.!!

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