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Scuffling Out


Summer is here in Ingleton.  We mowed the main meadow last night.  Not a big crop because we have taken it earlier than usual, as my Grandad says...'Make hay whilst sun is shining'.  Dad wanted it mown because we don't know how long the weather will last for and last year was terrible.   James scuffled it out and it will be made into haylage and big baled and wrapped early next week.

Tomorrow the contractors are coming to clip the sheap (shear them).  I shall put some pics on of their before and after styles/ looks and if Barry the shearer will allow me I shall put a few of him clipping them!!

The village has been very busy this weekend, mainly due to the glorious weather but also because it is the annual 1940's 'Operation Homeguard' themed weekend, many people, not just locals dress up in 1940's clothing and accessories and reenact the days from the 40's such as driving wartime jeeps and motorbikes to pushing dolls with gas masks in prams down the street.  Various venues play live music and there are dances etc both in the village square and in the Community Centre.

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