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The shearer, Barry came to 'clip' (shear)  the sheep today.  As it was so hot he chose to bring them into the farm building so the sheep and him were out of the sun.  He only takes a couple of minutes to shear each sheep using electric shears.  Once the sheep is shorn it is marked with our blue flock mark using an oil based colour mark.  The fleece is then wrapped inside out by rolling it up and tying using the neck part to hold it together.  Some were a bit tricky to wrap and started dropping in bits, these were the fleeces that were from sheep where the lambs had been sitting on their mothers backs and had worn a hole in the fleece!   Some other tricky ones were from some of the younger sheep with lots of wool, this is really long and the staples come apart quite easily!   

Clipping sheep

Finished Sheep  What is she thinking?





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