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Spiders and Owls

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It has been sunny and clear with us today.  I had my art homework to do which was a natural sculpture.  I chose to create an owl from leaves etc.  First I collected lots of different autumn leaves, gall wasp marbles, Blackthorn & Hawthorn stems.  Next I made a frame from chicken wire and threaded the stems through the chicken wire so the prickles would hold the leaves.   I then covered the owl in leaves to make a feather effect and gave it eyes, a beak and feet.  I hope I get a merit for it; it took all afternoon!

Art Homework


During the walk, I went across the field to see the sheep and saw thousands of spiders webs across the grass.  Lots of the sheep had the webs across their noses where they had gathered them when grazing.  The webs when put together were really strong like cotton.

Sheep with Spiders Webs on Nose       Spiders Webs

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